Enter now my friends and journey with us. See with your own eyes the process of fabrication for turning Carpet into Flying Carpet. 

Discover safety, performance, flexibility and distance unlike anything else you have ever experienced when playing freestyle, ultimate, guts, disc golf, and disc dog games! 

Carpet is a product that is both flexible and ridged. Flexibility is achieved by tufting yarn onto a woven cloth like material called "primary" backing. 

The tufted carpet is then made rigid by applying a latex adhesive along with a second woven material called the "secondary" backing. 

The joining of yarn and backings together produces material that is unsurpassed by any other material on the market today.

The carpet is then precision die-cut into circles. While the circle is still in a flat-state, the application of a 6" round label on the back side of the disc is added for further stability.

The final step in the transformation process is handled by skilled craftsman who use carpet binding machines to apply binding tape to the disc's edge. 

With their skilled hands, these operators form this once flat disc into its completed shape, and by flipping the disc inside out, and like a butterfly, carpet is transformed into Carpetdisc unlike anything else you have ever thrown! 

This new 10"inch disc is hand crafted in the U.S.A. using only the highest quality carpet in assorted colors, and styles. Play freestyle, ultimate, guts, disc golf without fear of injury, a unique innovation in discs for dogs.

Custom orders are available by special order, for further information.  

Cleaning: The pile surface may be cleaned using any carpet cleaner. 

Disclaimer: We do not recommend tossing it in water.