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Object of game: Players throw Carpetdisc into hole for points. 

Number of Players: No limit of players. 

Set Up: Set up one empty 5 gallon bucket or cardboard box for each number of holes you want to play. 
par - 1 - 20 ft away - rug in one 
par - 2 - 50 ft away - rug in 2 shots
par - 3 - 75 ft away - rug in 3 shots
par - 4 - 100 ft away - rug in 4 shots
Adjust spacing and distance according to age.

How to play: Decide order of players. Each player takes one turn at a time. Stand back 20 feet and throw rug into bucket or box.

SCORE: Based on the number of throws you get in bucket, the lowest score WINS.



Object of game : Knock down pins with Carpetdisc

Number of Players : No limit of players. 

Set Up : Set up 10 empty two quart plastic soda bottles in a triangle formation (example: like 10 pins in bowling). Add a little water in the bottom of the bottle about 1/8 inch. Replace bottle top so water does not leak out. This water helps to keep the pins standing up. 

Adjustments in the amount of water & distance can be adjusted depending on age.

How to play : Stand back 20' ft throw Carpetdisc at pins to knock down. Each player gets 2 try's to knock down pins.

SCORE : Each pin knocked down is one point. 1st to knock down 100 pins WINS!



Object: is to throw rug to another team member -who must throw it to another member in any order, until all team members have handled the disc, before it can be thrown into the basket by the last team member who catches the disc - -only one throw per team at basket, if the basket is made the team is awarded points - the throwing team now goes on defense -


FIELD of Play - 1/2 Basketball Court - Driveway, or any approx. size area 


Choose teams and select a captain -teams shall consist of 4 people each. Captains throw carpetdisc- furthest distance reached by disc has choice of offense or defense to start -each game will last 15 minuets or until team reaches 10 points -each team play both offense and defense

Offense : players run around court until the disc is thrown by the captain, from behind the out of bounds marker to one of his team members, once caught the catching member must stop and with out moving feet throw rug to other team member, while the defender players try to intercept and block the disc from being thrown to another player. Once the disc is caught by an offensive player, the defensive player places him self in a fixed position no closer than 12" in front of the opposing teams player to block - other players remain moving and only stop when disc is caught, only 1 defensive player to block, opposing offense player, out of bound thrown disc will results in a turnover.

CATCHING and Blocking : player may not move feet once stopped -offense player must throw disc with out moving feet and defense players must block with out moving feet, only hands and arms -no contact is allowed - players making contact will be removed from the game and replaced by another if available, if not, the team will play with remaining 2 members

Defense : Object is to block by standing in front of player 12" inches that has the disc by waving hands and moving arms, feet may not move once stopped -no contact allowed - player must maintain at least 1 foot distance from opposing player throwing disc interception of disc results in turnover. 

SCORE: based on the number of times the offensive team throws a disc in the basket in 15 minute time frame, or until 1st team to reach 10 wins - each disc in basket is 1 point.


Track & Field

RULES OF PLAY - Elimination Relay

FIELD of Play - Full Basketball Court or equal size area

PLAYERS Choose teams -teams shall consist of 2 people each. Players stand on opposite ends of the court behind the foul line under the basket or 200' feet apart -place line on the ground ( field size may be adjusted depending on age )

Starting from the out-of-bounds line, behind the basket, each player; as the whistle is blown, throws rug out onto the field. Player runs and picks up the disc, throws the disc again and again until it is caught by other team members waiting on the opposite side of the court. These team members may not cross over the foul line until he catches the disc thrown to him by his team mate, then the catching player throws the rug back on the field in the opposite direction until the disc is thrown across the starting foul line where the other player started from.

SCORE- The 1st team's disc to be thrown across foul line Wins - Winners advance to play next team - final remaining team Wins



Tunnel of Rug

RULES OF PLAY - Place an open cardboard box, approx size 36"inches wide- by 36" high- by 36" inches deep, both ends of the box are open and placed on a table.

Place a laundry basket on the floor 6’ft behind table - Player stands back 20’ft throws rug through box tunnel into basket on the floor 6’ft behind it

SCORE- based on getting disc in basket in least number or try.

Ball in Circle


Place a basket ball or empty box in the center of the circle in the middle of the court, stand back 20’ feet -throw rug at ball trying to knock it out of the circle or get it into the box

SCORE based on fewest throws needed to knock the ball out of the circle or in the box, -Wins

Catch the Critter

RULES OF PLAY Each player to rotate positions after 10 times Stand back 20’ throw rug trying to catch it with a bucket or box

PLAYERS - 2 - 1 to catch and 1 to throw

Fly Rug

RULES OF PLAY Throw Rug up in the air as far as you can, pick up a bucket or box and try to catch disc with it.

PLAYERS- 1 player



Players: Choose teams and select a captain - teams shall consist of 3 people each -each team play both offense and defense - Captains to throw carpet disc - furthest distance reached by disc has the choice of offense or defense to start -each team will throw 8 times each; where by creating 4 innings, top & bottom Number of players - 6 - 3 players per team.

How to play: Set up 2 Bases or Plates -90 ft away -use carpet discs if you don't have bases, or use chalk, tape, cardboard, etc to mark a plate on the ground,-approx size 12"x12"-use center court as distance for base-where thrower runs to - use foul line under basket as home plate, place from where thrower -throws rug ( adjustments in distances are required depending on age) - throw rug / one foot must be on home plate and must remain on plate until disc leaves hand - run to base-runner tries to reach base with out getting tagged out with the disc.

Defense: 3 players stand apart, at varying distances, to cover the 1/2 court field - players try to catch the disc thrown or pick it up off the ground, then throw it to one of his team members who must throw it to another team member who throws the disc at the runner and tries to hit him with it before he reaches the base. The disc must be thrown to all team members, in any order, last team member to throw rug at opposing teams runner.

Offense: object is to throw rug from home base ( one foot on base ) and run to the other base, without getting tagged out by being hit with carpet disc thrown by opposing team.

SCORE: based on the number of times throwers reach base with out getting hit - each base reached is scored as 1 run - highest score after 4 innings wins- 3 outs or tags retire the team.

( adjustments in distance - innings -number of players - number of bases - field size may be adjusted depending on age )