Discover "Kids Stuff-Sports Equipment"

One of the most innovative hand crafted Sport Toys ever conceived. The Flying Carpet makes raising money fun for kids.

Fundraisers have always been a big part of schools, clubs, departments and sporting teams. High profits per sale and fast results are what this unique new product will do for you.

Carpetdisc is a new skill building innovation in children’s sports equipment. Kids love selling this unique gift. 

It's an exiting new disc for use in all Flying disc, Freestyle, Ultimate, Guts, Disc golf, and Disc dog games.

Coaches, Schools and Physical Education Teachers love our children’s sports equipment and unique fundraising programs. 

Carpet-Disc.Com offers fundraising programs tailored for your needs:

Web fundraising: Take Orders on your web site, Checks sent monthly, Orders shipped daily.

Traditional fundraising: We provide all the ordering, collateral materials, as well as the Samples.

Pre purchase fundraising: Pre Purchase and sell the disc from your location.

We offer one of the highest percent pay backs in the industry. So " throw rug "and see how "CARPETDISC " makes funds fly high! 

For further information on fun fundraisers please contact