A new Innovation in Pet toys for Dog training. 
  • Your dog will surely love this toy.
  • Dogs can pick them up off the ground! 
  • It Won't hurt their teeth
  • The pile can be scented for training! 

The pile surface creates drag causing the disc to slow down as it gets to your dog making it much easier to catch. The height of the pile makes it possible for your dog to pick the flying disc up off the ground. 

Teach your Frisbee Dog! Disc games or Retrieving without fear of injury! Use this dog toy anytime you want to have fun with your dog. 

Flying discs made out of carpet are unlike any other flying disc you have ever thrown. This new Frisbee-like 10 1/2
" inch disc is hand crafted, and made in the U.S.A. out of 1st Quality Carpet.

If you're not playing with this Safe Toy for kids and dogs, you should be. This Exciting! new dog toy will surely become your favorite pet product.