Flying Disc made from Carpet for all Flying Disc Games,

Freestyle Flying Disc Games, Ultimate Disc Games, Guts, 

Disc Golf, and Flying Disc Dog  Games.

  Flying discs made out of carpet are one of the most innovative hand crafted sports toy ever conceived, for playing freestyle, ultimate, guts, disc golf, and disc dog games.

 Carpet flying discs come in assorted colors, and styles of carpet, these 10"1/2 inch and 8"1/2 inch hand crafted flying discs are made in the U.S.A. out of 1st Quality Carpet by a 25 year old family owned, and operated, company of carpet installers, who have designed,& patented "The World's 1st Flying Carpet."

 We invite you to browse, and discover this amazing soft flying disc with all the features  you want, safety, performance, flexibility, & distance, unlike any other flying disc you have ever thrown! If they get dirty, simply clean them with a carpet cleaner or check out Empire Today Reviews

 Flying Discs made from Carpet, for all Flying disc and disc dog games.

 Carpetdisc kids flip the flying disc inside out ,and use them for seat cushions. Amazing!

 Flying discs made out of carpet are without a doubt the best soft flying disc you will ever throw!